Monday, January 11, 2010

The birth of a new blog :-)


In this blog I will share with you my music projects - cool events - new artists - and interesting life experience. I am a music producer living in Ibiza and composing and producing music since 1994. There are many releases I did with friends and artists over the years. Some are more known than others. But they share all the same passion and love for music.

Some of the more known songs are:

Levitation feat. Cathy Batistessa "More Than Ever People"
Raul Paz "Contigo"
Nosotros feat. José Padilla "Bossa Rosa"

more songs but not complete on.. Discorg

I am working for two music labels on Ibiza.

Movin Sounds Ibiza

Greenheart Music

They reflect different music styles and messages but again, got the same love for music.

From time to time I will write about my daily work with new projects. Some new songs.. and some nice experiences. If you like to share your ideas, please post your comments.

In the meanwhile... All the best and see you soon.


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  1. Hi Ingmarlo

    I'm a female vocalist and song writer looking for producers to collaborate with. I have worked with Matt Darey in the past.

    I am currently based in London but am planning to come to Ibiza over the summer.

    If you can help me in any way it would be great to hear from you.

    My website is:


    Rachel Rhodes
    (44) 07909 524515.